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A word from the Bronzerat…

London’s sibling duo JOE GIDEON & THE SHARK follow up their debut
Harum Scarum, with the release of Freakish, released January 7th on Bronze Rat Records.

What we have here is idiosyncratic individuality on an entertainingly eccentric,
possibly borderline lunatic, scale. We have songs inspired by Werner Herzog getting shot in the gut whilst being interviewed by Mark Kermode (The Insignificant Bullet), true stories about being invited three years in a row to Elvis the dog’s birthday at the Queen’s Park bandstand, references to impersonating a priest, a cat called Sylvester, ping-pong, badly negotiating the London Underground doobied up to the eyeballs and ending up at the end of the line (You, The Pole, and The Rastafarian)….

You have been warned!

The album’s cream topping comes from Viva’s vocal debut, the synth-stomp hit
single Poor Born, where she can be heard howling Dead Moon lyrics through a
vocoder (“I’m pissed off, pissed off, pissed off, it’s just the way I am”) . Number 1 with a mullet!

It was recorded, produced and mixed at Studio Plateaux on an island on the river Thames called Platts Eyot, by Kristian Craig Robinson, aka Capitol K and Arp Cleveland, aka Mark, married to Viva, and chief conspirator of Archie Bronson Outfit . Then it was mastered by Kramer in Miami, who used to be in a band called Bongwater.

Freakish indeed.